Con-Cor Specialty Services

The impossible just takes a little longer

This is truly a statement we believe in. From bridge deck grooving, to cutting eleven 36″ thick columns in 8 hours, or etching designs of ships into a concrete sidewalk, there is no doubt we can make the impossible a reality.

With the most experienced and professional staff in the business, it’s obvious who you should call first. Below is a short list with a few pictures of what Con-Cor can do that sets us apart from the average sawing and drilling contractor.

Some of our specialty projects include:

  • Concrete Etching
  • Bridge Deck Saw Inc.
  • Deck grooving
  • Green concrete joint sawing
  • Concrete removal
  • Chain sawing roofs and walls
  • Openings
  • Curb cuts
  • Re-pouring trenches
  • Concrete patches
  • Pouring concrete driveways and sidewalks
  • Decorative sawing

This is the most rapidly growing portion of our business. Con-Cor operators have cut decorative designs into concrete, cut green concrete joints, slots for traffic and high-speed door loops and curb cuts.

We can also do floor grinding, bridge deck grooving, and removal of concrete we cut. Chain sawing of concrete walls and floors has taken the construction industry by force.

Con-Cor was the first sawing and drilling company to use chainsaws for square corners. Con-Cor will also pour back floor trenches and pour concrete driveways and sidewalks.