Con-Cor Flat Sawing

Con-Cor began using pavement saws in the early 1970s. Pavement saws were used for sawing small jobs in the beginning, but flat sawing is now widely used in the repair and rehabilitation of concrete floors, asphalt parking lots, and roadways. With our 10 HP electric saw for hospital or office work, to our 72 HP diesel saws for airport runway work, Con-Cor pavement saws spend more time on the road than most cars.

Con-Cor specializes in sawing of concrete slabs of different thicknesses from 1″ up to 57″ in depth. A large portion of our work is on both highways and airports, but our portfolio consists of many types of projects:

  • Miller Park
  • Marquette Interchange
  • Mitchell Field
  • MMSD
  • Racine WTP
  • Hansons Landing
  • Froedert Hospital
  • Camp Rands

Con-Cor has saws to do nearly any job. Our saws range from diesel saws that cut up to 30″ deep to electric and hydraulic saws for cutting inside buildings. Our experienced operators have the tools we need to do the job on schedule.

Airport Sawing With Rider Saw