Con-Cor Contracting Division

Con-Cor Company is a professional sawing & drilling company that began in the early 1960s, using core drills and 3″ diameter diamond-tipped bits. In the beginning, all openings were cut with a core drill. Some of the first openings cut for stairwells were line-cored. Since the early 1960s, we have expanded both our technology and capacities. We are currently capable of drilling holes from 1/8″ in tile to a 57″ diameter sewer hole for a water treatment plant. There is no limit to the depth of a hole – we have drilled holes over 30 feet deep.

Con-Cor employees provide expertise in all types of concrete cutting. Our operators are CSDA certified and professionally-trained to provide safe, quality workmanship using core drills, wet or dry, to cut through any masonry, concrete or asphalt material.

Some of our “A Cut Above” services include:

  • Core Drilling – from 1/8″ diameter up to 57″ diameter
  • Wall Sawing – up to 30″ deep with square corners
  • Wire Sawing – to any depth or shape
  • Flat Sawing (65 HP) – to depths of 30″
  • Electric Sawing & Hydraulic Saws (10-30 HP) – used for difficult areas such as hospital, office, or food prep businesses
  • Specialty services of breaking and removing concrete

All of our equipment is maintained by professionally-trained, in-house mechanics. We have salespeople covering southeast Wisconsin, Madison, the Fox Valley, and Green Bay. Their main focus is to visit job sites, bid work, and meet with you, our customers.

We provide Concrete Cutting services for general contractors, demolition contractors, plumbing contractors, HVAC, road contractors, architectural firms and everyone else in between.