Con-Cor Wall & Wire Sawing

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Con-Cor has been cutting corners for over twenty years, but not the way you would think. Most architects and engineers spec out no ugly “overcuts” on the cutting of openings in walls and suspended floors. Con-Cor operators have been using track-mounted and hand-held chainsaws to eliminate the ugly cored corners and the bad “overcuts” since the 1980s.

Wall sawing started in the early 1970s. This is the most labor intensive of all concrete cutting. Con-Cor’s operators have cut through walls as thick as 30″ from one side and 60″ with access to both sides. Chainsaws are used to square cut the corners so there is no overcut. If your wall or foundation is thicker than 60″, don’t worry! Con-Cor can use a wire saw to cut it out.

Wire sawing is one of the latest concrete cutting techniques. There are no size or shape limitations to wire sawing. If a wire can be wrapped around the concrete, it can be cut.

Some of our wall and wire sawing projects have included:

  • Port Washington Power Plant
  • Marquette Interchange
  • Johnson Wax
  • Mayville Metals
  • WWTP
  • Van Buren Lofts
  • MMSD jobs
  • Froedert Hospital
Wall sawing for new gymboree store Brookfield Square
Wire Sawing Foundation at Maybille Metals

Mayville Metals, Mayville, WI

Mayville Metals wanted to put in a new loading dock door, but ran into a 5′ thick wall. Con-Cor needed to wire saw the bottom foundation of the bank filled footing. Con-Cor employees cut a 8’x8′ section of the 5′ thick wall out in two days.

Wire sawing inside of sewer pipe

MMSD Project, Milwaukee, WI

Con-Cor employees spent a week sawing out pipes inside two drop structures for MMSD. The general contractor was Michel’s Pipeline. Both core drilling and wire sawing was done in this tight, enclosed area. Con-Cor employees used a small wire saw set-up to cut a 10′ diameter opening through a 21″ thick concrete wall.

Wire sawing top of column at marquette interchange

Marquette Interchange, Milwaukee, WI

The general contractor for this project, Marquette Constructors, contacted Con-Cor-Co to saw off part of the above concrete bridge support. The section to be cut was 9’x9’x7′ thick. The section had to be cut off for the new High Rise bridge sections to be placed. The remainder of the concrete pier was left in place. The work was completed while working off a manlift 100′ in the air.

Wire saw set up froedtert hospital

Froedert Hospital, Milwaukee, WI

Con-Cor was hired by Mortenson Construction to cut a small square opening through a 36″ thick wall. The 24″x24″ opening was completed in one day. There was additional wall sawing of openings completed on-site. The wall sawing was through a 24″ thick wall. A total of 5 openings 10’x10′ were diced up and completed in 10 days.